Greetings! Welcome to my blog! Allow me to introduce myself. I am just another one of those 20-something year olds who is trying to make it in this crazy world. I am a recent college graduate who has just completed her first year of teaching special education. While it is a very rewarding career, my ultimate goal is to attend graduate school and become someone who enhances education for students who have disabilities. Whether that is someone who needs to get a Master’s or a Doctorate, I don’t know. But, I am on my way towards finding out. This blog is going to follow the life lessons I encounter on my way of figuring out who I need to be. Also, sometimes one just needs to vent and get things out there. Writing has always been my best way to get frustration out, so you may experience some of that every now and then.

On another note, I have tried blogging before but I have never been successful at keeping it going. I am hoping to change that with this blog…so here we go. What follows after this post is the musings of a 20-something year old who is trying to make it in this crazy world.


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