Emotions Are on My Mind

I came across a thought provoking question the other day. This question was: which pain is worse, physical or emotional? I will let you think about that for awhile before I give my answer. Have your answer? Ok….onto mine.

My answer to this question is definitely emotional. Physical pain usually lasts for only so long and often comes with painkillers to help ease the pain. Emotional pain is one you carry with you for much longer. Sure, you can get over it but subconsciously we still carry some emotional pain with us wherever we go. And, yes, this pain will resurface from time to time.

Let’s get onto a big touchy topic that comes with emotional pain. This is that of emotional eating. I will admit that I am an emotional eater. I can eat like no other when I am sad, insecure or stressed out. For me, emotional eating often doesn’t come with the “full” feeling. I can just eat and eat. And to top it all off, when we emotional eat, we often do not eat healthy food.

This last year of teaching (my first year of teaching) was really rough. I won’t go into the details of it, but it was frustrating, overwhelming and stressful. I remember crying a lot, being extremely exhausted and losing a lot of my confidence. It was hard. I had no one to vent to because 1. They all loved their teaching jobs and wanted to talk about their experience or 2. They just didn’t want to hear anything about school. So what did I turn to? Yes, that of emotional eating. Pre-first year of teaching I lost a whole bunch of weight. In fact, I was a whole 70ish pounds lighter. Ya, I lost a lot and looked/felt the best I had in my entire life. Then the school year/emotional eating started. Over the year, I managed to pack on a whole 20 pounds. Yea….that much. I was/am ashamed when my friends would give me that look that told me they noticed my weight gain. Yet none of them asked if I was doing okay. Over this summer things have gotten a bit better for me and I am trying to lose the weight I packed on by emotional eating. I know that there are other things to do that take stress out, but I just didn’t turn to them and learned my lesson. Over this next school year (in a different school) I plan to take my stress out in a healthier way and want to lose the 20 pounds I put on. I know I can do it, but that habit of turning to emotional eating will always be a part of me.

So, emotions….are they hard to deal with or easy? I guess it all depends on the emotion you are experiencing. Emotions aren’t bad and, yes, things can’t be happy go lucky all the time. Life happens and it is all in how we handle it. I heard a quote once that stated that “90% of life happens to you, the other 10% is what you make of it.” I completely agree with that statement. It all comes down to emotions and how we handle things. So for right now, I have emotions on my mind.


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