Everyone Needs Someone

Everyone needs someone. It’s true. Being a single woman, I am no stranger to be alone and experiencing the lonely feeling. I go home to myself and wake up by myself to get ready for work. I live and breathe work, as well as my future dreams. Whether that makes me a workaholic or loser, I have yet to find out. Yes, there are times that I wish I could share my deepest thoughts with someone, but have no one. Sure, I can call or text someone. But, it’s not the same because who likes hear you blab about what happened at work the other day?

Yes, I have entered the age where all my friends are getting married or engaged, and even having babies. And here I stand, single and wanting to pursue graduate school while they all have families on their mind. I do have to admit that I really do enjoy the single life and am not in the position where I want to pursue a man because I have been moving non-stop and am not sure where I want to end up. But, like I said, everyone needs someone.

I mean let’s be honest. Everyone needs someone who tells them that they are proud of them during life’s greatest moments, or that they are beautiful, smart, needed, kind, etc. It makes us all feel valued and even boosts our self esteem. For heavens sake, when someone tells you something positive about yourself I bet you eat it right up and gain more confidence in yourself. This is no longer about single people. I can guarantee that there are many people out there who don’t get told these messages enough. They may be ridiculed for the way the look or act, but come on. We are all people. We all need to be reminded of our value and who we are. Everyone is someone and everyone needs someone. So I challenge you, next time you see someone who is not your significant other, give them a compliment. I bet that that one second of your time will make their day.

~Everyone Needs Someone


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