All About Me

I decided that I need to give you some look into who I really am.  So, I have decided to make a list of odd/cool things that I like.  These can be things I like to see, do, hear, etc.  Basically, it is what makes me…well….the unique me that I am.

1. Full moons and clear starry nights.  And having campfires on nights where you can see both of these.  Noooo I am not a vampire or werewolf.  I don’t even like books that have those kind of characters in them! 

2.  Lonnnnngggg walks in the country.  Sometimes up to 8 miles.  The peacefulness just clears one’s head!

3.  Writing and doing research…yes….that is the truth!  I AM a nerd and proud to say it.  If you have me analyze data over a time period.  I will love it…and you.  I pretty much live for that, as well as get a huge thrill out of it.  I still don’t understand why, but it is fascinating.

4. High end fashion.  Sure I would NEVER be able to afford it, but I LOVE to look at it. 

5.  Coffee….coffee….coffee..  Pretty much any latte or black coffee drink.  I worked in a coffee shop for a few years and have been hooked ever since.

6.  Reading.  I read anything and everything.  That boring book you just passed over at Barnes and Noble.  I would probably read it.   For a kid that hated reading, I sure grew out of that.

7.  Meeting new people.  I thrive for being at conferences or events where I get to meet tons of new people who share the same work, passions and ideas as me.

8.  Traveling.  I love to being in airports and getting lost in places I have never been.

9.  Watching people go about their business.  Ok…let’s get this straight.  I am not a creeper.  But, I do enjoy sitting on a bench in an airport or mall and watching how people interact and go about their activities.  Crowded streets are also fun places to do this.  I love watching the hustle and bustle of a busy city.  No, I do not by any means stalk or creep on people.  That would be ridiculous.  But, ever since having to do this for a project in my college sociology class I have been intrigued in how people do things.  It’s quite fascinating actually.  Try it out once.  I dare you. 

Well, that’s about all I can think of for now.  So what did you learn for this post?  Basically that I am one coffee drinking reading, researching, traveling and people watching nerd of a country girl. 




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