Courage is the Antidote to Nervousness

Today I was sitting in the eye doctor’s office and flipping through the latest version of the Reader’s Digest.  While reading, I came upon a quote that stated “Just because you’re nervous doesn’t mean you have to look nervous.  Nobody can look inside you.  Project what you want to project.”  This quote really hit home for me.  As I start a new job and in a few months will be lecturing to a whole bunch of people who have higher degrees and more experience than me, I am allllllll sorts of nervous.  I am actually in stages of nervousness that I have never ever experienced.  Sure the new job/community thing..ya I have been there and done that before, so it’s not that bad…but this conference thing.  I have NEVER done that before.  I don’t even know what to expect.  Just the thought of standing in the front of that room makes me nauseous.  It will be fine.  I always pull through it.  It is just a risk and experience I will have to take.  I will for sure be remembering this quote and using every bit of courage I have before I walk into that room to start my lecture. Don’t get me wrong, nervousness is a good thing. In fact, you can learn TONS by going outside your comfort zone.  For me, that is where the best learning takes place.  Courage is not only needed to do this, but it is surely the best antidote to overcoming nervousness. So have courage young grasshopper, have courage.


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