Somewhere Beyond the Sea

I haven’t been up to much lately.  Although, I have gotten all moved out of my old place and settled into my new one.  Every box is unpacked and everything is put away.  I have also been getting settled into my new school.  I’ve met staff, gotten keys and met with the teacher I am replacing to discuss the students I will have on my caseload.  Needless to say, I have been one busy girl. 

Even though I have been busy, I have still managed to squeeze in my nightly walks.  The other day, I went for a long walk down a country road.  During this walk, a giant passenger plane flew above me (which usually never happens because I am in the middle of nowhere).  While this plane flew overhead, I couldn’t help but wonder where it was heading.  Then I got to thinking about where I would want to fly right now if I had the chance.  I guess I would go anywhere I haven’t been (I have a bit of an adventurous side).  I then became envious of whoever was on that plane and heading somewhere I have never been.  I live a somewhat boring life and the latest vacations I have taken usually involve some sort of conference or networking.  I guess that’s what I get for chasing my dreams and wanting to learn/do more.  But, sometimes it would be nice to take a trip that does not involve ANYTHING work related. Maybe someday….so I guess I will have to settle for dreaming of someplace exotic, such as somewhere beyond the sea.   




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