Taking Risks

It’s been awhile again.  I have been sort of neglecting my blog, so I am not doing too great at the blog promise yet! But, here is one more post to keep you reading.

Life is all about taking risks right?  If you aren’t open to taking risks, are you really growing?  I have heard that most learning happens outside of your comfort zone.  I believe this to be true.  Taking risks is scary, but doesn’t one really have to do it to advance in careers/life?  They aren’t that bad once you get through the nervousness.  If you are thinking about trying for something you think you can’t achieve, here is my question for you.  Why not?  You never truly know if you don’t try.  It’s better to know you didn’t make it than having to think “what if?”

I am currently in the middle of a major risk right now.  I have just submitted an application for graduate school.  I have applied for acceptance to a program for a master’s degree in special education. Yes, I did have to find the letters of recommendations, write the personal statement, polish the resume, etc.  It was a bit overwhelming, but it’s done.  What I was doing/what I am in for if I get accepted didn’t really hit me until I hit the submit button.  The moment it went through I realized “crap…am I ready for this?  Did I do the right thing?”  I had a major case of butterflies in my stomach as I realized that there is no undo button and that this could actually happen.  I have to wait 4-6 weeks to find out if I got accepted.  This is a major step.  I am excited for it, but also very nervous.  I guess we will see what happens!

So in the end risks………take them and learn. 




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