Update on Life

It’s been a good month, so here is a little update on all things 20-somethingness.  I am recently been accepted into a special education master’s program.  Currently, I am in the beginning process of enrolling for classes.  I am super excited for this step because it is putting me closer to my end dream of changing education for the better.  Of course, there is also the feelings of nervousness I experience as I read through the steps I need to complete to graduate.  It will be alright.  Grad school was meant to be hard and difficult.  Just something you need to work through to get to your higher dream.

On another note, I took my first ever vacation in years.  It was fabulous!  I came back completely rejuvenated.  This was the first trip I have ever booked/flown alone on.  I have to say that I actually liked it.  There was a sense of freedom and independence with it.  During this trip, I went to Georgia to visit a very dear friend of mine.  Fell in love.  Would probably move there if life allowed me to.  The people were friendly, shopping was amazing, weather was outstanding (compared to that of North Dakota) and the scenery……oh man that scenery was breathtaking.  I am all for North Dakota’s scenery, but give me some hills and trees and throw in a massive river (Savannah), you have got yourself something this 20-something year old would fall in love with.  Now I know why they say I have “Georgia on my mind.” Seriously considering moving down there after I finish my master’s degree.  We shall see where life takes me.

Onto all things school related.  It has been going well.  Couldn’t ask for better students.  I have completed all of my IEPs for the year, so now I can focus on teaching for the rest of the year.  I have run into some conflicts recently, but I have realized  that every job has it’s conflicts and nothing is perfect.  These conflicts are just things that I need to work out and overcome.  In my mind, everything is for the students and I can’t let these conflicts get in the way.

Well, I think that is everything to get you caught up on all things 20-something related.  Remember to keep living your dreams!  Let no one get in the way of you achieving what you are setting out to achieve. Anything is possible!


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