My Acts of Kindness

When I was on vacation, I ran into the credit/debit card declined for fraud reasons problem (because I was 1,000 miles away from home and never travel).  I was so embarrassed at the checkout because not only did my credit card not work, but my debit didn’t either.  I was out of options and apologizing profusely to the cashier.  Then my friend, who was with me, pulled out her card and had them use it.  That worked and my total embarrassment level was brought down a few pegs.  When I sent her the check to pay for my purchases, I decided to include a box full of books I already read and knew she would like.  The very next day, I send another box to her house for her son’s birthday.  I then found out that I had gotten into grad school.  Well, this friend of mine (who actually used to my professor when I was an undergrad) wrote me a letter of recommendation when I applied.  So, I sent a thank you card (which included statements about how great of a professor/person she is) to her mailbox.  It turned out that all of this mail arrived with two days of each other.  They had boxes and cards galore in their mailbox and all with my return address on it.  I got text messages galore about the mail and how much they loved it.  It made my day to know that I brought a smile to someone’s face.  That feeling alone made the waiting in line at the post office/paying shipping and handling on two different days so worth it.

This experience made me realize that I wanted to bring happiness to many other people’s lives.  This Christmas season, I am going to try my hardest to do something for someone else at least once a day.  We shall see how it goes!

On to other things.  Things have started to slow down here quite a bit.  I am much more able to manage my time (compared to last year).  I actually have time to hit the gym every night and read a good book before bed.  I can definitely say that I am loving my job 1,000 times more this year!  We will have to see if I continue to have this time when I start Master courses in the spring.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!  I challenge you to do one Random Act of Kindness for someone during this holiday season.


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