Howdy Y’all!

Hello again!  I seem to have taken another few months sabbatical from writing in my blog!  I have got to get better at posting down my thoughts!  So, today you are going to get two different posts from me.  This one is to catch you up on all things in this 20-something year old’s life.  First thing first, I have officially started a Master’s program.  It is not an easy task managing homework and being a full time teacher, but it’s something I am learning to accomplish over time.  In case you were wondering, I am pursuing a Master’s degree in Special Education Strategist, which is where I become a specialist in all the high incidence disability areas (learning disability, intellectual disability and emotional/behavioral disorders).  Right now, I am working on my emotional/behavioral disorders classes.  I love the classes so far!  This disability especially intrigues me.  I have already learned so much in these seven weeks! 

Second, let’s talk about work for a little bit.  I have again hit a frustration wall, but I have learned to overcome it.  I just keep reminding myself that any job a person has, frustrations will exist.  There is no perfect job.  I love working with my kiddos and couldn’t ask for better ones to teach, so I see myself dealing with the frustrations for a few more years just so that I can continue working with them and seeing them grow over the years.  But, I can say that with everything I am learning in grad school coming together with my personal teaching philosophy has gotten me more frustrated with how the system is working and is only pushing me further into deciding to get a doctorate so that I can work on fixing the system.  We will see I guess.  I still need a few years of experience so everything may change before I get there.  Anyways, I will continue more about this in my next post, so I will see you there!  


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