Let’s Catch Up

Alright, remember that blogging promise I made to y’all almost a year ago.  It’s outcome: Failure.  I obviously stink at keeping up a blog.  But, it’s all fun and games.  Life happens.  And in this 20-something-year-old’s life, life is surely happening. So, let’s catch you up on all things 20-something related.

I have officially survived my first semester of graduate school.  What is part-time graduate school with being a full time special education teacher like?  A constant marathon, where the finish line of finals is the worst.  Ever had your eyes burn because you were so exhausted?  Yup, I have now been there.  But, I have honestly learned very much and have seen an improvement in my teaching methods.  It is surely benefiting my knowledge and student progress.  Both are always a plus.  I now get three weeks off before courses start up again. That is just enough time to finish off the school year (with a marathon meeting week and progress report writing), take a quick vacation, enjoy a three day training and begin moving a classroom into a new room.  Busy…busy..busy.  Wouldn’t have it any other way.  I just have to tell myself to not look at the Google calendar.  One peek at it and anxiety will happen. Note to self: Just have the Iphone alert you when you have a meeting coming up. 

Let’s move onto my nonexistent social life.  Yep, still playing the single game and completely okay with that.  Yup, still striving to keep up all my long distance friendships.  Let’s discuss one of those friendships.  I have this one amazing friend (I know she is reading this).  We met about 6ish years ago when we worked together at this vacation hotspot in the middle of nowhere.  We both went back for numerous summers and were at one point roommates for the entire summer.  Things haven’t been the same since.  Why she is still friends with the crazy and awkward me, I have no idea! 🙂  Anyways, in January I was stressed and she was nervous for this life changing risk she was/is pursuing.  So, I had this bright idea to start this story thing via email (we are both literature nerds).  This was like a game.  You had to design characters and set rules for the next person to write.  Well, I started a bit of a problem.  Five months and about 150 pages later, we are still going strong.  Needless to say, we are both addicted to the story! I love it! I have gotten so emotionally attached to each of the characters.  Actually, it feels as if the characters are a part of me.  I guess that in some way, shape or form they are because they are in some way a figment of my imagination.  It is fun to watch this story play out.  Whenever I am stressed or feeling particularly frustrated, I pull out the email with the story and read, or I imagine a scene that could happen next.  I get an automatic smile on my face.  I am a dreamer, so this is the perfect project for me.  I can’t even begin to tell you how freaking excited I get when I see that I have a new email with a portion of the story in my inbox.  This story has become a great stress reliever.  I can only hope that it continues for a very long time!  

Well, that is about all on my 20-something-year-old life update.  I will see you in my next post!    



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