Dreams of Your Future Self

Last night, I went for a long, hard run.  Running has really become a release of stress for me.  I sort of lose myself through the movements.  Once that first mile is done and I have pushed through the beginning pain and reached a steady breathing rate, my mind starts thinking.  My mind does the clearest and best thinking after about the second or third mile. 

Well, during my run yesterday, I began thinking about my future self.  Where do I see myself?  When I close my eyes, what do I picture my older self as? (No, I did not close my eyes on my run.  Don’t worry!)  As I ran, I drew up a picture of myself.  I saw myself disciplined, dedicated….and in a suit.  The particular image I drew up was that of me standing (in this suit) and staring out a window of an office.  There was a view of a city.  There are two things I know from this image.  1. I was no longer a teacher in an elementary school and 2. I was definitely no longer in small town middle of nowhere.  Did I see myself with a husband and kids? Couldn’t tell you.  That was the only image I drew up.  Give me a month of runs and maybe I could tell you.

Now, I don’t know if this image came up in my head because those my main dreams and goals.  Being in a city and having a job that changes the way things work.  Who knows.  But, that is how I saw my future self.  This brings me to the concept of dreams.  Yes, I have graduated college and landed a grown up job where I could be fine settling in for the rest of my life (although the anxiety levels are never fun).  But, I have more dreams.  There is nothing wrong with making new dreams.  It gives us something to live for.  Something to reach for.  My philosophy is that if you don’t have a dream, you are settling.  This imagining my future self thing was good for me.  I am currently burnt out from graduate school, but when I saw that image, I wanted to push myself more to get this work done.  I recommend you to try this.  What do you see yourself as in five or ten years?  If you can’t come up with an image, try just bringing up a picture of yourself.  It’s interesting as to what you come up with.  So, in the end.  Be a dreamer.  Not a settler.         


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