Intruding on Fiction

Second post for the day! I am sort of impressed with myself!  (Or not because I am avoiding homework.) I noticed there was a daily post about intruding on fictional moments.  I decided to chose to do an off the topic/not so much about life as a 20-something-year old moment here.  After all, blogging is all about the fun.  Right?  This post has you choose three fictional moments you would intrude you.  Ones that you would want to be in.  Well, here we go!  Here are the three fictional moments I would LOVE to be in.    

1. No one really knows this one.  In the email story/novel I wrote with a friend, there is a lake scene.  It is PRETTY EPIC.  It’s my characters 26th birthday and her new husband surprised her with a family/friends get together at a newly decorated lake house that her parents bought her as a wedding gift (also next door to their lake house- yes, they are a loaded family).  There are moments of complete insanity as the young adults (newly married) act like children while my character’s parents just shake their heads and talk about how the young adults need manners/to become more like parents.  The scene is hilarious.  I would love to intrude on that scene just to be part of the insanity that occurs.  I am so much like a child, that I am sure we would have a good time.  Plus, being at the lake with family and friends is something I cherish.  It would be a PERFECT moment.  Of course, I would like to be in the whole book, but I would skip the tragic parts.  I don’t need to see the characters I evolved going through their darkest times (even though I sort of put them there). 

2. Second scene I would want to intrude on is that of pretty much every scene in the book Sunday’s at Tiffany’s.  This book is by James Patterson and is a cute romance story about a woman that falls in love with her imaginary friend from childhood.  It is a book EVERY hopeless romantic should read.  I have read it 3 times.  Definitely easy to read/lose yourself in.  One of my favorites.  Anyways, this book is filled with romance, drama, art, jewelry, needy actors, controlling and proper mothers, high society life, etc.  There is nothing that isn’t funny or cute about it.  Pretty much every scene is perfect.  Who wouldn’t want a love story like that?  

3. The last scene I would want to intrude on is that of pretty much every scene in Tuesday’s with Morrie by Mitch Albom.  Who wouldn’t crave an intelligent conversation with a professor about life?  I could use that every now and then.  The man was a genius.  I think we could have gotten along.  


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