Getting Older…Or Getting Wiser?

In about two weeks, I am reaching a milestone in the 20th decade.  (I think I just gave away my age.  Forget I said that!)  As this birthday nears, I am sitting here wondering how far I have come.  I reflect on where I was when I graduated college almost three years ago.  I am so much more grown up.  I am doing things I consider to be “grown up.”  I mean…buying your own insurance, figuring out the best phone plan for your dollar, negotiating with the cable company, making SURE to exercise every day, eating healthy (and knowing exactly what foods are healthy), etc. There is no more pizza on a Friday night while sitting on the couch watching a movie and then following it up with ice cream. I can’t remember the last time I had a frozen pizza.  When did I get so……old?  This isn’t such a bad thing.  I actually would never go back to my younger self.  I know so much more now.  I am also soooooooooo much more mature (emphasis on the “so”). I look at people who are two or three years older than me and think to myself “grow up” or “for heaven’s sake have some manners!”  I wouldn’t make it on a college campus without getting annoyed with the young students.  When did I get so…parental…adultlike?  Like I said, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this. I just feel like this maturing happened overnight.  Like I just woke up and was like “Hey…I am an adult now.”  It’s interesting.  So, I really think that besides getting older, I am getting wiser.  In no time I will be the old wise lady! 😉  Let’s hope this year brings much happiness, knowledge and love.  Here’s to another year in the 20th decade. 



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