It’s Another Game of Catch Up

Sorry, it’s been awhile.  Career life and grad school has kicked in again, so I have neglected my appearance on this blog.  Let’s play another game of catch up in this twenty something year old’s life shall we?

School started a few weeks ago…okay..more like a month ago.  Given that I have been actually working every day since mid-July, I gave myself a little vacation a few weekends ago and used a personal day (yes, I now get the importance of using those) to go to Minneapolis/St. Paul with my sister and brother-in-law.  We took in the opening night at the orchestra, went to a Twin’s game, and did a whole lot of shopping.  I had a great time.  It was fun to be in a city again.  But, I learned my lesson about going to cities.  I should know this because it always happens anytime I go to a city.  I don’t want to leave and come back to the middle of nowhere where the nearest “city” is sevenish hours away.  Yes, I know that city life gets expensive and I have been told by MANY people I know that have moved from large cities that you love it in the moment, but eventually you want to leave and come back home where your work commute is only two minutes long.  They tell me that I am just drawn to what the city has to offer.  They tell me to enjoy my space, friendly neighbors and small town because they would never move back to the city.  Sure, I get it.  The people here are friendly.  We are all up in each other’s business at supper at the local gas station.  We know everything about anyone.  “What?  Sally’s daughter is coming home from college this weekend?  I have to see her!  I haven’t seen her in years!  She’s dating who?  No way!”  Yup, that’s how those conversations go.  Sometimes one just can’t help but roll their eyes and listen to the town gossip.

The more I think about it, the more I know I am not drawn to a city for the glitz, glamour, shopping, being able to get what you need in an instant, etc.  I believe the real reason I am drawn to a larger community is the age range.  In the town I live in, I am one of the FEW people in their mid-lower twenties.  The staff at my school is mainly 50+.  There are only two of us that are in their twenties. My vocabulary exists of the words: grandchildren, newborn grandchildren, what gifts to get grandchildren, etc.  So, if you need any help with grandchildren, just send me a message.  I would have the answer.  Thing is, I can’t relate to these ladies.  They are sweet and I adore them, but I can’t relate to them.  I don’t have grandchildren, my own children or a husband.  Sometimes I really crave going out with someone my age and having an intelligent conversation with them about things relevant to our age range and outside the world of education.  Shoes!  Can I talk to anyone about shoes?  Books?  Music?  I certainly can’t get that here and have to wait six weeks to be able to go to the nearest big town to get my hair colored/cut as I can gossip with my hairstylist who is about my age.  So, my point here.  I believe I am so drawn to cities because my age group exists there.  There are people I can relate to.  Sure, I hang out with people here and we have fun, but totally not the same.  Okay, done venting about that topic.  Onto other things.

I have gotten back to reading as a source of relaxation before going to bed at night.  I am currently reading a book called Sharp Edges by Janye Ann Krentz (one of my favorite authors).  This book is about a woman who is a curator at a glass  museum.  She is supposed to be inventorying a new glass collection, but she is really investigating the murder of her best friend.  A private investigator comes into the stoy and he happens to be working alongside her.  Totally two people that don’t belong together.  He calls her the “cat burglar lady” (totally laughed for like five minutes over that one) and she loathes his Hawaiian shirts that he wears.  Well, one thing leads to another and the two opposites start to attract.  It is quite a humorous book filled with murder, hatred, intensity…questions.  I can’t wait to finish reading it and see what really happens.  I have a hunch on what happens, but who knows.  This author is good at throwing twists into the story.

Well, that’s all I have for you now.  Hopefully it won’t be another two months for me to add another entry!  I will try to have a better topic for you next time!


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