Teaching….Job of passion or….exhaustion?

Okay.  Let’s talk the profession of teaching.  Honestly, it takes a VERY special person to be a teacher and make a life out of it.  I don’t care if you agree or not, but you really don’t know what it is like until you have been thrown in front of a class for an entire year or more.  It’s not the easiest profession out there.  As I have noticed, all new teachers experience a sort of….distaste for the profession.  Where we think, “Would I mind if I walked out and never came back?”  or “retail really wasn’t that bad.”  We may think these things, but we still come back.  Why is that?  One answer:  The kids.  We love them dearly and enjoy celebrating their successes, pushing them beyond their own expectations and opening up a world of possibilities to them.  Why we don’t want to come back:  Open up any book that could possibly contain a list of what is expected of teachers. We don’t sit down.  Our brains do 20 things at once and we are shot by 4:00.  We sacrifice our social lives for our job as we grade, lesson plan at home and create hands on activities at home.  It is truly exhausting.  And we do if for pay that is hard to make a living off of.  Ever been shopping with a teacher?  Yup, we ALWAYS buy something that could “help a student,” “really make a lesson hit home,”  or would be a “good piece of classroom decor.”  We put our own money into it.  True story.

There is a saying that we teachers in the profession for a few years often say to a soon to be teacher.  This is that of “Your life is going to drastically change.”  Yes, it’s true.  My life is 100 times different now than it was when I was a student teacher.  I am now WAY more parental and mature.  The days of hanging out just to hang out are over.  Your life does drastically change when you become a teacher.

In the end, we do love our jobs and wouldn’t give it up for the world.  I know that I experience moments of doubt, but the kiddos keep me coming back.  We do it for them.  We do it for the future of our society.  Just sometimes it would be nice if everyday lattes and weekly massages were thrown into our pay checks! 🙂


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