Society’s Plan for You is Not the Plan for You

People my age (the 20’s era) live by the motto, “what if?”  What if I lost those 20 pounds for good?  What if I had more money?  What if I got married now?  What if I had children now?  What if I had that career I want right now?  The list goes on and on and on like a broken record.  People in their 20’s think they have to have it all figured out.  Society tells us that the 20’s is when we get our dream career, get married, have our first child, etc.  And we feel horrible and like something is wrong with us when we do not live up to this standard.  Feelings like, “I am not married now.  There is no one out there for me now.  I am so old.  I can’t have kids if I don’t get married now” arise.  Newsflash people:  There are lots of men and women on the face of the earth.  And lots of them are SINGLE!  In fact, people are now pushing back married and babies to older ages (ages where they have it more together).  Nothing wrong with that.

With that being said, the main point of this blog is: why are we living for ourselves and what society tells us we should be?  Are we not God’s creatures who have been created in his likeness?  I mean the bible even tells us that God created us in his own image.  So why do we strive for something else?  We shouldn’t be living by society’s standards.  We need to be living by God’s.  We need to be completing God’s plan for us, not society’s.  I mean think about this thought here:  Society has how many plans for people?  Think about it a little more.  Ok..ready for this:  ONE.  That’s right: ONE.  There is ONE perfect plan for allllll the human beings on the planet.  One perfect look.  One perfect way of life, etc.  How many plans does God have for people?  BEYOND MILLIONS!  And each of those plans are individualized for every single person.  They are tailored to YOUR OWN GIFTS, TALENTS, AND WEAKNESSES.  Now….whose plan do you want to live by? Society’s or God’s?  I don’t know about you, but my creator’s plan sounds far more fun and intriguing for me than society’s does.

In the end, the 20’s is a decade where you find out who you are.  You do not live by society’s plan for you.  You live by GOD’S plan for you.  If he doesn’t want you married with babies yet, so what.  Accept it.  That only means you will have a great family, or whatever something else he calls you to later on.  God is NOT done with you. In fact, he is just starting out with you.  So go live not by society’s standards….but by God’s.  I promise that your life will become far more fulfilling that way.



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