You are a Flower Among the Weeds


Yesterday was a very bad day for me (depression speaking).  My mind was in a very negative place, I cried more easily, and my moods changed quickly.  With that being said, I was one thing: unpredictable.  I wanted to spend all day in bed and be away from people.  Like I said, it was a bad day.  But, as those of you who have ever been in this place before know, there are good days and then there are bad.

Trying to heal my negativity and emotions, I decided to grab my phone, hit repeat on my Christian playlist, turn up the music to beyond loud in my ear buds, and take a long walk through the trails in the woods by the river.  As I walked I listened to the words of the songs playing in my ears.  I also spent a lot of time just talking to God.  I couldn’t help but notice that when I was walking, I had my head down and was staring at the ground.  That right there is a sign that something was wrong with me.  As I took the path by the river, something told me to look up at the exact right moment.  In the riverbed full of weeds was one lone flower.  I was meant to see that flower.  I stopped and stared at that one flower asking, “How can something so beautiful grow from a bunch of weeds?”  I mean isn’t it true that the prettiest flowers grow from the ugliest weeds?  I believe that flower was a sign to me.  That among all the ugly and despair in my life, a flower will grow.  I am that flower that blooms among those weeds.  When I overcome this weed of grief driven depression, I will be more beautiful and stronger than I ever was. I truly believe that and thank God for that sign of that lonely flower among the weeds.

With that being said, you too are a flower among the weeds.  You are unique, beautiful, and strong.  The weeds among you are the trials that you face and are overcoming.  We all know the parables that Jesus taught about the vine and the branches, the mustard seed, and the sower and the seeds.  Each of these parables tell us that we are something special and that if we cling to and use the word of God in our daily lives, we will have eternal happiness in the kingdom of God.  That flower among the weeds reminded me of these parables.  If we cling to God during our moments of depression, grief, sadness, and trials, we will remain that beautiful flower among the weeds that he wants us to be.  But, if we do not, we could easily be choked out by those weeds and wither and die.

So, if you too are going through difficult times remember that you are that flower among the weeds.  By clinging to God and his comfort during this time, as well as all other times during your life, you will overcome the weeds and remain that beautiful flower that you are.  You are special to this world and God.

I will leave you with my inspiration and motivation song of this week.  It actually played during my walk yesterday.  It is Strong Enough by Matthew West.  Remember that with God you are strong enough and you are that flower among the weeds.  You are beautiful and strong!


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