Shedding Your Old Self and Becoming “Unstuck”

Yesterday was a therapy day for me.  Yes, the one where you sit in a comfortable chair and discuss your issues.  As our session began, I stared at my therapist and asked, “Who am I?”  To which he stares back and says, “Why don’t you tell me who you are?  Define yourself for me.”  To which I thought: “Great.  I am paying you for answers and you are making me answer the one I don’t know the answer to right now.  You could answer this for me during my major identity crisis.”  We then had a rather long discussion of defining who I currently am and who the “old me” was.  We also had a conversation about self-esteem and development playing a role with defining who I currently am.  He discussed that through our depressions, grief, and confusion, we are really shedding our old selves and developing into a new person through overcoming it.  We will not come out of it exactly as who we were before.  We shedded our old self and are now someone new.  It was really a fascinating and eye opening therapy session.

The idea of “shedding your old self” has really been a theme for me this week.  I don’t know how many have heard the song: So Long Self by MercyMe, but it played a few times in my car for me this week.  It hit me hard as I listened to the lyrics every time.  The song is about becoming a new person, through the use of God/finding God, and shedding that old self- saying goodbye to that old self.  I will leave you with that song if you have not heard it.  Additionally, I have also been working through the book Life Unstuck: Finding Peace with Your Past, Purpose with Your Present, and Passion for your Future by Pat Layton.  This book discusses moments in your life when you are “stuck” and how to turn to God to find peace with your past, purpose with your present, and passion for your future in order to become “unstuck.”  So far it is a great read and I will be posting more about it as I work through it.

These thoughts of shedding your old self and becoming “unstuck” have been on my mind all week.  As I thought about these concepts, I found this picture on Pinterest.  I think it sums up the major idea of this post.  Here is the image:


I thought about this image A LOT.  Yes, sometimes God does calm our storms.  But, there are other times where he does not and we get into our depression or deep sadness and loneliness.  It is then that he lets the storm rage on, but if we turn to him, he will calm us.  He will comfort us.  But, the storm is still there.  My thoughts are that the storm is supposed to be there.  The major storms in our life are the storms where he is having us become a new person.  Giving us a new identity.  We are shedding our old selves and he won’t calm that storm because he wants to transform us into something new, but he will calm us and give us the strength to shed that old self and overcome the storm.

Point being here is that God gives us these moments of grief and sadness in order to “shed our old selves.”  He wants to transform us into a new being.  Therefore, we need to place our trust and faith in him that we will truly shed our old selves through this sadness and grief, become “unstuck,” and come out of this as the new person he wants us to become.  We are his cherished children.  He would not give us pain if he did not want us to overcome it and become a better/transformed person through it.  So, with all that being said, have faith in God that he will take you through your storm.  That he will help you become “unstuck” and shed your old self to become this new person you are called to be.  I promise that the pain will not last forever and you will be a truly transformed person when you come out at the other side.


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