I’ll Be Okay…Just Not Today

I was hard core searching for some motivation for my topic of today’s blog this morning.  I tried several books, finished my devotions, did my bible study, wracked through my brain and nada….nothing.  When I was about to give up blogging for the day, I found myself on Pinterest (the perfect procrastination tool).  It took some searching (and coffee), but I found something.  I was mid-sip coffee, when two pictures popped out at me.  Well…pretty much screamed out at me.  There in the middle of my screen on my Pinterest page were these two pins:


I put down my coffee cup and stared at those two pictures.  I don’t know about you, but those two pictures are very powerful for me.  My first thought was, “BAM!  There’s my topic for today’s blog!”  My other thoughts were, “Wait a second!  I am that woman in the picture.  I am not okay today…but maybe someday I will be okay.  No…not maybe…someday I WILL be okay.  This grief and sadness will go away and I will be turned into an even stronger woman.”   That picture gave me hope that this depression is not forever. I then stared at the other picture and thought, “What a great reminder.  God is here with me.  Sure, I am not okay.  BUT he is here with me NOW AND EVERY MOMENT. I need to be thankful that God remains with me and never leaves me.  I may be feeling that he has left me in my despair, but he has not.  He is always present.”  This picture is a great reminder of that.  God is ALWAYS with us.  He never leaves any one of us.  We may have moments of doubt about this, but God never leaves his children.  Scriptures tell us that.  We have the comfort that God is with us at all times.  He is omnipresent.

With that being said.  We must remember that we will be okay.  It may not be today, or tomorrow, or the next day.  But, someday we will be okay.  We must also remember that God is always, always, ALWAYS, with us.  He NEVER leaves us.  Isn’t there comfort in just knowing that fact?  I find great comfort in that fact.  In the end, it is okay for us to be sad.  Someday we will be okay because God will carry us through if we allow him to.


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