Take Your Deepest Grief and Turn it to Good

First, I would like to thank all my followers and everyone else for the likes on my recent postings.  When I first started writing about my experience that I am having with depression and my faith, I never knew this blog would explode quite like it did.  So thank you for that!  Your support and interest in this page helps keep me motivated to write about this even though it is really very hard to admit and tell to others.  Yes, I know.  Depression is something that someone shouldn’t be ashamed of.  But, it happens.  We all know that depression and seeing a therapist still has a certain stigma around it.  Mental health is certainly not taken as seriously as it should be when we all know that it is a very serious thing.  So again, thank you all for keeping me motivated to continue with this.  It is certainly helping me cope and find support through this journey.  Okay, now onto today’s blog posting.

Let’s discuss faces of sorrow.  We all have stages of sorrow in our life.  Mine in the moment is that I have now lost both parents, have non-supportive relationships with my siblings, am in my 20’s, and am not quite sure how to live life without that supportive adult there for me.  That is my face of sorrow.  As we walk this earth, we encounter many faces of sorrow in ourselves and others.  It may be through tragedies or even everyday occurrences.  It may be in the woman smiling as we walk by her on the street or ourselves as we tell ourselves every night, “It’s okay.  Nothing is wrong.  I’ll be fine.”  With that being said, everyone has their own face of sorrow.  Sorrow isn’t a bad thing.  We must have sorrow in order to keep a balanced life.

Today I worked through my devotion in Jesus Calling: Enjoying Peace in His Presence by Sarah Young.  It was the PERFECT devotion for me today, as well as this blog posting.  Here are the sentences that spoke right to my heart:

You can find Me not only in beauty and birdcalls, but also in tragedy and faces filled with grief.  I can take the deepest sorrow and weave it into a pattern for good.  You will seek Me and find Me when you seek Me with your whole being.  

Let’s just sit and think about this for a moment.  Maybe reread it a few times.  I certainly had to.

Okay..now to discussion.  I want to draw your attention to the section I highlighted.  God is found in faces of grief.  He can take the deepest grief and turn it into a pattern of good.  Honestly, I was quite confused by this as I thought, “Okay…..grief is painful.  It hurts like really, really, really bad.  Like so bad that you can’t breathe and your whole body hurts.  How can he turn it to good?”  Then I realized, “Wait!  He did take my grief and turn it into a pattern of good!  I am now a FAR better Christian and do his will way more than I ever did before I lost my father three months ago.  This grief has not only helped me start this blog on using his word to overcome depression, but also brought me closer to him.  I am spreading his word far more than I ever used to.”  That right there was proof of this to me.  God can take our deepest sorrow and turn it to good.  Let me say that again:  GOD CAN TAKE OUR DEEPEST SORROW AND TURN IT TO GOOD.  Isn’t there hope and comfort right there in that statement?  There is an exception to this statement though.  In order for God to take our sorrow and turn it to good, we have to seek him with our whole being.  We have to seek God out in our sorrow, not the other way around.  When we seek God, we find him incredibly fast.  We may just have to say, “Okay God…I need you!  Where are you?”  He will come and say, “I am here.  Talk to me.”  Seeking God might also be through talking to him and telling him your feelings.  Or maybe just telling him you love him.  Or opening your bible and reading.  Or doing some devotions.  Or going to a church service.  Whatever we do to seek him, I promise he will be there waiting to turn your grief into something good.  It may not be the good that you want it to be, or you might not even realize that he has turned your grief into something good.  But, I am sure the good that he changes your grief into will be a good that will bring you to eternal happiness.  There is nothing better than that right?  Therefore, in our faces of sorrow let’s seek God with our whole beings, offer him our sorrows, and let him turn it into something good.  Let’s let him use our sorrow for good.



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