A few days ago, I was driving home from a therapy session and listening to my Christian radio station.  A member of a band came on to discuss his background and a song that he performs.  I listened to his story and was struck by one statement he said.  The statement he said was this: “Trust in Jesus for everything.  Not just for what happens after you die.  Come as you are.”

My first thoughts about this statement were Wow…just wow…what an incredible statement.  My other thoughts about this were about how incredibly true this is.  I will admit that during my life I have placed my trust in Jesus to help me get into his glorious kingdom after I leave this earth.  I haven’t really placed my trust in him to get me to where I am going or get me through this depression.  Really?  Do we ever place as much trust in Jesus as we ought to?  I really don’t think we do.  At least I know I don’t.

Through this depression, I have come to more realization that this life isn’t mine to live.  That I can’t take my own life (yes, as I have sometimes thought of doing during my depression).  My life isn’t mine to live or take.  It’s God’s.  During this depression, and the majority of my life, I believe that I have been in the driver’s seat.  Striving to take control any time I hit some turbulence and something doesn’t go the way I plan it.  Many devotions and bible studies I have done throughout this depression (and especially this statement by this band member) have shown me that I need to get out of the driver’s seat.  I need to hand over the controls to God and let him drive as I sit in the passenger seat and fulfill the plan he has set for me.  I need to place all my trust in him.

With all of that being said.  During depression, and any other time in your life, remind yourself to get out of the driver’s seat.  Let’s work on not controlling our own lives and instead trusting in God’s plan for us.  Let’s give Him the driver’s seat and sit back to watch his plan for us unravel before us in awe.   He may call us to do things that are way out of our comfort zone, but we need to trust in him.  He will do no harm to us.  All of his plans for us are made of/for greatness.  Let’s sit back, enjoy the scenery, and let him drive.

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