Letter to the Un-Depressed and Un-Grieving

Dear Un-Depressed and Un-Grieving People of the World,

I wish you would understand.  I wish you could see my pain.  This is not just some “made up situation” that can “just go away” if I “stop thinking about it.”  This is real.  Very real.  And I deal with it during every waking hour of my day.  It is called grief and depression.  No, I am not as outgoing as I used to be.  No, I don’t want to talk.  Yes, I have to be forced to do things.  Yes, I want to withdraw.  Yes, I am protecting myself from every hurt because my heart already hurts too much from the grief it is dealing with.  As you go about your days smiling, joking, talking with others, etc, I am here trying to figure out my next breath and how to hide the depression I have because you don’t want to see it.  Or, maybe you even choose not to see it.  But, I am here.  I am a person.  And I am secretly and silently pleading for your help.  I am pleading for you to reach out to me.  For you to show me that you love me.  For the world to show me that there is a reason I am here.  I am pleading for safety and comfort.  It’s all I want.  It’s all I need.  Love, safety, and comfort.  I know you don’t get this.  I know you will maybe never understand.  But, I ask for you to try.  I ask for you to try see this from my point of view.  To take my perspective and think about how you would be in my shoes.  It’s not easy.  It’s not going to be easy for a long time.  Don’t pretend like this doesn’t exist.  Remind me that I am important.  Remind me of who I am.  And most importantly, remind me that I am loved.  That is all I ask.


The Depressed and Grieving of the World


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