The Mourning Amid Humanity

After my father’s death this spring, I have lost a lot of personal relationships.  This has left me with the understanding that you really do find out who your true friends are when you are going through the darkest moments in your life.  I am now wondering about my faith in humanity.  Are we such a selfish culture that we can’t set aside our own needs, wants, and problems to help someone who is truly in mourning?  Have we become this culture so obsessed with ourselves and happiness that we just look the other way when someone is in grief?  Do we deny their grief and think they can just take care of themselves and “get over it” when in reality they cannot?  The bible mentions quite a bit about taking care of widows, orphans, and those in mourning.  What happened to that?  What has happened to humanity?  Have we lost the ability to take care of those who are grieving?

I have lost my best friends since my father passed.  I don’t quite understand this.  How could one leave someone they claimed to be their “best” friend when they are going through the hardest moment in their life?  I don’t get it because if I had a friend going through what I am going through, I would be right there taking care of them and giving them the words of affirmation they need.  Instead, I have been ignored by my best friends and they have chosen this moment in my life to say goodbye and walk away from me.  Again, I don’t understand this.  I have lost my faith in humanity’s ability to take care of those who are mourning.  It seems like people who have not lost loved ones turn their heads when they see me.  I feel like the black cloud no one wants to come into their life.  When all I really need is someone to reach out their hand to me and say, “Come with me.  Let me show you happiness for a day.  Let me talk to you.  Just let me be with you.”

With all of this being said, has humanity lost it’s ability to comfort the mourning?  Have we really become a culture too obsessed with ourselves and happiness?


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