Be Careful What you Wish for

Millions of wishes are made every single day.  Wishes such as: I wish I was skinny, I wish I had a boy or girlfriend, I wish I was married, I wish I was single, I wish you noticed me, I wish I was in shape, I wish I had that car, I wish I went there, I wish I did that, I wish I could redo that, I wish I had friends, etc.  The list goes on and on.  We wish for new things, better health, happiness, love, relationships, confidence, etc.  The moment we send out a wish is the moment we know what our heart truly desires.

Perhaps you, dear reader, made a wish today.  I would be lying if I said that I didn’t make a wish today.  I know what my heart truly desires, but I have stopped wishing for what I want.  These wishes include that of wishing for:  my deceased parents to come back (definitely not gonna happen there);  my depression to go away and my grief to heal (that takes time and my depression is a battle that probably won’t be won for some time); friends that walked away from me during my depression and grief to understand what I am going through; a true family; and love.  Among all of these wishes, my heart continues to be broken into pieces from my grief and depression.  I may feel like these wishes would piece my heart together if they were to come true, but in all reality would they?  My heart is currently a china plate that has a million shards laying around and God is slowly taking the Scotch tape to it and piecing it back together for me.  I know that God has taken away things from me for a reason.  All of these things that happened to me may not be my perfect idea of life, but it has happened to shape me into the woman God has designed me to be.  Ultimately, the life I am living is for him and I need to stop trying to control it with all of these wishes that I think would make me happy, but are really just a facade of happiness.

With all of that being said, we can continue to make wishes and dream, but in all reality, our life is in God’s hands.  Some wishes he may not grant us because he has something bigger and better in store for us.  We must remember that as we trudge on through our grief, depression, anxiety, or whatever other battle we are going through, God is making us stronger and into the person we are meant to be to carry out his plan.  As his people we must allow him to do the work of fixing our broken hearts into what our heart is supposed to be.  If that heart ends up having to miss a part here and there, we must try our best to let it go.


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