Broken Promises

Promises are something we are willing to give out, but not always able to fulfill.  During my grieving, I have had people promise to “fix” me.  I have had others promise to make me “happy” and provide “support.”  I have also had others promise that they would come take care of me.  That they would never leave me and that I was stuck with them forever, through the good times and the bad.

As you may have already figured out by the title of this post, all of these promises to me have been broken by the promise givers.  Along with these broken promises comes less trust from me and a more broken heart.  What I think people don’t really understand is that when one is grieving or depressed promises like these are taken more seriously and hope is put in the promise.  When the promise is broken, more pain is caused to the person.

With all of this being said, if you are currently dealing with a person that is grieving or depressed, please, please, PLEASE do not give them “promises.”  Don’t promise to be there tomorrow or to take “care” of them.  What happens if you are not able to live up to your promise?  The result: more pain to the person.  Don’t give promises.  Promises can easily be broken.


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