Every Time I Hear That Song I Think of You


Psychology has proven that songs trigger memories in us.  The memories can be joyful or filled with pain.

Today, I turned on my Pandora Christian station.  A painful memory came to me with the first song that came up.  The song How Great Thou Art was playing.  I had to QUICKLY change the channel.  This is a good hymn right?  Like people like this hymn.  Well, I used to.  Then it was used as the recessional hymn for my father’s funeral.  Whenever I hear the song, I get the image of me walking down the church aisle behind my father’s casket and bawling as I walked behind my siblings and watched them put him in the hearse for the procession out to the cemetery.  A moment of GREAT pain comes to me whenever I hear the song.  It is a painful memory.

The song Morning Has Broken also triggers painful memories in me.  This song was my mother’s FAVORITE song.  She sang it down the stairs at me almost every morning to wake me up.  I can still hear her singing it at me sometimes.  Well, we chose to have this as the processional hymn at her funeral.  So, everytime I hear the song, I get images of them closing my mother’s casket and my sister holding me tight as I sobbed so hard that I couldn’t breathe and followed the casket down the church aisle.  Again, another painful memory for me.

With all of this being said, today is a day that I am greatly missing my parents.  They will always be in my heart and I will always love them.  They will never be forgotten by me and I wish I had much more time with them.  I know that I have to be greatful for the amount of time I did have with them, but I can’t help missing them.  They were wonderful people and I know they are resting in a heavenly paradise together sharing the love they had with each other and waiting for me to join them there.


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