I want to write a quick note to thank all of my readers and followers.  Since the change in my life/blog, I have skyrocked in followers and views.  I have also reached over 100 new likes in my posts.  I want to thank you all for this as it is my encouragement to keep writing about my experience.  My therapist has wanted me to write as part of my therapy.  The support I am getting from all of you readers and followers is helping me stay motivated with it.  My story and current experience is not an easy one to write about, but I do believe that this is helping me heal a little bit more.  Not only have I gotten my thoughts and emotions out, but through this blogging journey I have discovered people who have also lost loved ones (particularly their parents).  This is very meaningful to me because it allows me to see that I am not alone in this fight and that there are people out there who understand what I am going through.  So, again, thank you all for the support, follows, views, and likes.  You are doing much more to help me in my healing process than you think you are!  You matter!  Thank you.


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