Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again

Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again.  Know the musical it is from?  Yes, it is from the Phantom of the Opera.  This song not only always brings tears to me, but it has been the theme song of my life these past few weeks/months.

I have been greatly missing my parents lately.  I wish I could talk to them about life and questions I am having.  I wish I could get their advice on things that I am going through.  Actually, I would give ANYTHING to be able to hear their voice, see their face, get embraced in a warm hug with them, and smell them again.  All of these memories have faded for me and that makes me truly sad.  So, here I am at work, or alone in my apartment at night, wishing that they could somehow be here again.

Anyone who has lost a parent knows that it is extremely difficult.  They are usually the glue that holds a family in place.  Well, after my mother died, my family started falling apart.  Then my father died.  I haven’t heard from my siblings in months.  And yes, even though I admitted to them that I wanted to end my life and was having suicidal thoughts.  That I needed their love more than ever right now because the unloved feeling was what was going to make me end it.   Nothing….  Great family huh?

With all this being said, I wish they were here again.  But, I must rest in the assurance that they are experiencing true paradise and are no longer in the hell and pain that this world causes us.  I must be happy that their suffering in this world is over.  They are in a better place and someday, I hope I will be resting in their hugs again for my eternal life.


7 thoughts on “Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again

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  1. I really wish that I could hug you right now. I’m so sorry that your siblings couldn’t be there for you when you needed most their love and comfort. May the Lord fill those empty spaces in your heart with His love and peace.

  2. Wow, heck of a day to go more in depth with your blog lol. This is one of my Dad songs. I’ve been obsessed with Phantom since high school. I’m very definitively NOT a soprano, but I routinely sing this when I’m outside alone. It feels like one of the “right” ways to send my feelings to him.

    And out of principle, I had to make myself to listen to it anyway lol.

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