The Never Ending Emotion


There are certain things we know to be true.  For example, gravity keeps us standing, the sun will come up the next day, and funny jokes make us laugh.

I came upon this picture on Pinterest the other day and realized that this is another thing we do know to be true.  At least, I know that it is true.  This thing is: grief is the never ending emotion.  When you lose a close loved one, grief never goes away.

This quote is absolutely true.  When we lose a close loved one, we will heal over time and come to acceptance with the loss.  But, we will never be the same person we were before the loss.  The rocky and tumultuous road of grief that we endured shaped us into a new person that learns to live and cope with the loved one not being there anymore.  Even though we learn to cope with the loss, we never end our grief.  We will always have moments of sadness for not having them here with us.  We will always miss them as they continue to be a part of our heart even though they are no longer on this earth.  We will always wish they were here with us.

In the end, when we are grieving the loss of a close loved one, we do learn to cope and heal from the pain that comes, but we will continually miss them.  We must understand that this is okay.  The person we lost was a large part of our life and heart.  At times it may feel like we can’t go on living without them, but we cope.  We remain strong.  It is okay to grieve the loss even if it has been years down the road from the date of the death.  Grief doesn’t go away.  Our longing for this person never goes away.  We must never feel guilty for grieving the loss of our loved ones as grief is truly a never ending emotion.  Grief is okay and grief is normal.


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