The World Doesn’t Stop


The world doesn’t stop for grief.  This is another statement about grief that is 100% true.  When my father passed away, I was expected to go back to work 2 days after the funeral (less than a week after I found out he passed away).  Imagine yourself teaching students with special needs 2 days after your father’s funeral (let alone a few months after the funeral).  It wasn’t easy and I barely got through those days.  No planning was done.  No correcting was done.  I was doing one word: Existing.

I quickly figured out that even though I was grieving, the world wouldn’t stop and wait for me to heal.  Everyone and everything went back to their normal routines right after the funeral.  I wasn’t ready for that.  Heck, I am still barely ready for that as my “normal” is no longer “normal.”  I found out that people think you are healed at least a few weeks after the funeral of a closed loved one.  Anyone who has ever lost a loved one knows that this is not true  (read my last blog, The Never Ending Emotion- found Here– for more detail about this fact).

The world does not stop for us who are grieving even though we wished it did.  It is hard for us to imagine how the world can go on without our loved one.  How the world can carry on as if nothing ever happened.  I remember wishing that the world would just stop and let me process.  Stop and let me grieve.  Stop and think about what happened to my father.  The last few months of school were PAINFUL and EXTREMELY difficult for me.  I ran out of school that last day and never looked back.  I refused to look back until August.  Refused to walk through those doors until August.  And I never did.

Even though the world doesn’t stop for us, we need to remember to take time to heal.  To not push our grief to the side and not deal with it.  We have to take the time to process.  The world may not make time for us to do this, but we have to make the time for ourselves to do it.  We may need a short get-away or just a weekend home alone.  Whatever we need to do to heal, we have to make it happen.  We can’t stop the world to heal, but we can stop our busy schedules to allow us the time to catch our breath and start repatching our hearts that have been shattered to pieces.


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  1. That’s crazy they only gave you two days. Most places I know they give at least a week(not enough but anything’s better than 2 days). That’s the worst part of losing someone, you’re expected to grieve on someone else’s schedule.

    1. Exactly! I had about 6 days off because he happened to pass away right before the Easter holiday and due to that, we couldn’t have his funeral until after Easter Monday (and the school had a 4 day weekend for the holiday). So, I really got 6 days off. But, we did the funeral/burial, the next day wrote thank you letters and listened to the reading of his will, and then I was back at work at 8:00 a.m. the very next. It was VERY hard.

  2. A month after my mom died I posted a status on Facebook which said, “It’s been a month, Mommy, but it feels like it was only yesterday when you left.” A first cousin wrote a comment saying that I “should” move on. Obviously he didn’t know what he was talking about. I told him in reply that “telling a person to move on is easier said than done for those who did not experience what we’ve been through.” But then even if a person does move on, it doesn’t mean that he is no longer grieving. It does not mean that the pain of losing a dear loved one is gone. Sometimes the truth that the world won’t stop for me makes me sad. But I am grateful that God still makes a way to send me people who do understand, whether in person or online.

    I shall include you in my prayers. Love and blessings to you. +

    1. Thank you for your comment! Like you, sometimes I get sad that the world doesn’t stop, or doesn’t even attempt to understand our grieving. Thank you for your prayers. I will keep you in mine as well! Sending thoughts and hugs to you via the internet! ❤

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