Mileage Unkown


When enduring a grief journey, you quickly find out that it is a long, winding, and tumultuous path.  There are no mile markers and no signs.  It is just a single lane road you go down while hoping you don’t run out of gas.

The thing about this grief path is that you don’t know how long it is going to take.  It could take a few months or years.  There is no time limit on grief.  There is also no point in which one can truly say they reached the end of their grief journey.  I still can’t say that I have reached the end of grief path from my mother’s death and that was 10 years ago.  The road of grief has an unknown mileage.  Take however long you need to grieve and allow yourself this time to work on your grief.  Don’t try to race down the road.  You will only burnout.  Take the road at the pace you need and don’t be afraid if you reverse a little every now and then.  Losing a loved one is difficult and the grief road should not be expected to be traveled and conquered in a matter of months.  The mileage is unknown, so take your time.


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