Love a Little Louder


The words, “I love you” are not commonly used in our society.  How many times do we actually tell or show people we love that we love them?  I bet it is not quite as often as we should.

A few days before my father died, I called him and talked to him on the phone.  The phone call was the longest I have ever had with him.  I was trying to end the conversation and hang up because I had things to get done, but he kept talking.  We ended our conversation with our normal “I love you.”  Little did I know, this would be the last time I would talk to him in this world and that I would cherish that phone call for the rest of my life.  After my father died, I wished I could have told him that I loved him more.  I wish that instead of robotically saying “I love you” before hanging up, I would have said it with more meaning.  I wish that I would have showed him that I loved him more.  Those are some of my regrets, but this is common for people who lose loved ones.

Everyone who goes through grief or suffers from depression has moments where they feel unloved.  People who deal with people who are in these states don’t understand that the words “I love you” mean so much during these moments.  That showing them you love them during these moments is very crucial.  Love can be the antidote to grief and depression.  There just has to be a lot given.

In the end, show and tell people that you love them more frequently.  People who are grieving or are depressed need this almost as much as they need air to breathe.  Don’t worry about smothering them with love.  Show them why they are special to you and why you love them.  There are days we all need to love a little louder.


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  1. I’m sorry about the loss of your father. This post is so true. I hope that people take away something after reading your post. Show and tell the people you love as much as you can because we are never sure when we will be left without that chance again.

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