Look Me in the Eyes and Read my Mind


If you were to look me in the eyes right now, would you see my pain?  Would you see the war that I am fighting with myself?  Would you see my grief and doubt?

If one were to look into my eyes and read what is going in my head, they might cry.  They might see me in a different light.  They might have more compassion towards me.  They might also worry about me.

I may be a stranger on the street, the teacher walking down the hall, or the person in the car next to you.  If you saw my face, you would see a pasted on smile or grin.   But, if you looked me in the eyes, you might see past the facade and see something different.  You might personally connect with me and see the broken heart I carry around with me.  The brokenness that has become my life.  The story of a happy-go-lucky and energetic girl turned into a depressed and solemn adult.

Look me in the eyes and you might see the real me.


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