We May be Complete Strangers, But I am Thankful for You


Greetings, dear readers.  I know that many of us are strangers who just met through this site.  We may have experienced the same grief, depression, anxiety, or pain.  Something has made us drawn to each other through this site.  I feel so connected to so many of the people who I follow and who follow me.  Your stories have touched me and helped me find that I am not alone.  That I am not the only one who has experienced what I am enduring.  I want to send a HUGE thank you to all of you for becoming my support.  I know you are strangers, but many of you are willing to reach out to me and tell me what I need to hear.  I appreciate that so much.

You strangers have actually touched my life more, as well as helped me more, than many of my “in person” friends.  I am very touched by that. Touched that a complete stranger would take the time to help and support me.  I have come to realize that often times complete strangers can provide what we need.  Complete strangers who are willing to reach out their hand among their pain, grief, depression, and anxiety to help another complete stranger are angels.  I hope each of you realize that all of your comments, likes, and advice are read by me and taken to heart as I appreciate every single one of them.  Your words and actions go much further than you may realize.  Thank you all for what you are doing to support me during this painful time in my life.  I look forward to supporting you all as well.  Sending you all many thanks and hugs.  ❤


4 thoughts on “We May be Complete Strangers, But I am Thankful for You

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  1. I may not always comment but I get to read your posts as soon as I get the chance because they go directly to my email. That’s my way of saying that “I am listening.” Take care always! Love and blessings!

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