A Prayer for the Grieving


Hello, dear readers.  Since so many of you are willingly supporting me through my grief and depression, I want to help you in return.  I want to be support for you as well.  Therefore, I want to say a little prayer for all of you who are also grieving the loss of a loved one.  To all grievers…. This prayer is for you:


Bless the person reading this post right now.  They may feel the weight of grief on their shoulders and in their heart.  They may feel like there is no way they can take another step or breath without their loved one.  Lord, I pray that you provide them with the comfort and love they need to survive their grief.  Protect them (and their heart) as they grieve.  Remind them that they are your children and although they have lost a loved one, you still love them.  Guide them in their grief and vulnerability and always stay close to their side.   


❤ you all!!!!!! Many thoughts, prayers, and hugs sent out to you!


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