Does My Grief Make you Uncomfortable?


I was cruising around Pinterest for some blogging motivation and came upon this grief quote.  I decided that it was the perfect one to discuss today.  Let’s talk about grief and people who encounter those who are grieving.

Some truths we know about grief:  1. It’s hard.  2. It’s like the unwanted visitor.  Nobody wants it.  3.  Eventually, everyone goes through it.  4. It makes people uncomfortable.

People who are grieving can easily notice how uncomfortable people become around them.  People are afraid to “hurt” the already hurt.  They are afraid they would “say something wrong.”  So, what do they do instead of talk to the person?  They ignore them.  They become silent.  They are uncomfortable around them and don’t understand that this “uncomfortableness” the person’s grief is to them only lasts for that moment in time.  But, the griever has to live with that uncomfortableness for the rest of their life.

Let me just say that the WORST thing you can do to someone who is grieving is ignore them.  I have experienced this several times and want to just say that more pain was caused to me because these people did not acknowledge my grief.  You have to acknowledge that the person has lost someone.  You can’t just ignore that fact.  Talk to the person.  Just talk and be with them.  Who cares if you are uncomfortable in the moment.  The person needs someone and you can be that someone.



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