Grieving the Holidays


This holiday season, I am worried about the feelings of loneliness that I will have (as this will be my first holiday season without parents and a family to be with).  I am not planning on doing much, or even anything, to celebrate the holidays.  Yesterday, I went to Macy’s and Christmas decorations were already up.  I also hear co-workers talking about buying presents for people.  I get a little sad at these moments.

For this holiday season, the only thing I am going to be doing is finally changing my mother’s engagement ring into a necklace so that I can always wear it close to my heart.  At my mother’s funeral, my father gave one of her rings to each of us daughters.  I got her engagement ring.  While my father was alive, I never wanted to do anything with it as he always liked to look at it.  Now that my father has passed, I am going to take the diamond out of it and have it placed in a cross necklace so it can always be close to my heart.  I will then save the setting for a son to have if he so chooses to put a diamond in it when he is ready to ask a woman to marry him.  Anyways, that is all I am planning on doing for the holidays.

With all of this being said, I don’t want to focus on my sadness during the holidays.  I want to make someone else happy during the holidays.  Therefore, I am reaching out to you, fellow bloggers.  I need ideas.  I need ideas of what to do to make someone else (a complete stranger, someone in need, etc.) happy during the holiday season.  Feel free to give me any ideas!  Thanks in advance!


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  1. Volunteer. In my town, my family is serving dinner at a local food pantry for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Also, there is an organization that buys gifts for people who can’t afford them. The money for these gifts comes from donated money. The Salvation Army also has several opportunities to help families in need. Money is tight for us, so we try to find actions we can do for someone rather than paying a bill for someone. Some of these actions could be preparing a dinner for a needy family. Visiting the kids at a local hospital, visiting a nursing home, ect.

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