The Ultimate Love Story


Throughout my life, I have seen a true love story play out.  This love story is probably more tragic and enduring to me than that of Romeo and Juliet.  This love story is that of my parents’.

My parents were not big on showing public displays of affection.  With that being said, I never really saw them kiss on the lips.  Closest I ever saw to them kissing is that of a peck on the cheek.  Although….there was the awkward scene when I was an 8th grader where I went barging into their room in the morning before I headed off to school only to be completely embarrassed by seeing what could only have been the finishing of making love.  Thankfully, they got the sheets on them before I got in.  Then, I was so embarrassed by this.  But, now I find it cute and sort of comical.  It is cute that through what would have been about 20 years of marriage at that point, they still loved each other enough to commit to making love with each other.

Then, a few years later, my mother passed away unexpectedly in her sleep.  No warnings.  She just passed away at the age of 58.  We woke up to my brother running down the stairs screaming that he thought mom was dead.  That became the reality.  I remember my father staring at my lifeless mother laying in the bed they shared with saddened eyes.  I won’t forget that hurt look on his face.  He tried to be strong for his children, but now I can tell that his heart was hurting.

My father shut down after my mother died.  He didn’t know how to go on living without her.  He tried to be a good father to me and to get me raised (as I was only 15 at this point), but it was hard for him.  My mother was the emotional and educational provider.  He knew nothing about raising a teenage girl on his own.  I learned at that point that I had to learn to grow up and I grew up in an instant. I knew he had no time for childish concepts and fits, and that he didn’t know how to deal with them, so I didn’t have any.  I become a very mature 15-year-old.  My father never talked to me about my mother’s death.  Instead, he stayed strong for me.  He would talk about her and smile and spray her perfume to smell it.  He would also drive out to the cemetery quite regularly to see where she was buried.  Additionally, he would watch home videos of her just to see her again.  He truly missed her.

Then, almost 10 years of missing her later, my father passed away.  Ironically, he passed the same exact way my mother did.  There were no warnings.  He died in his sleep in his bed and was found in the morning by a different brother.  My brother then went running downstairs to tell my sister that he thought dad was dead.  The scene was at the same time and almost the same as my mother’s, but a little different.  We have had many heath scares with my father, so we were glad he went peacefully in his sleep and the same way as our mother.

The fact that my father died the same way my mother did is what I choose to call the ultimate romance story.  He also died with a smile on his face.  I mentioned this in an earlier post.  He died with the same exact smile he would give my mother (the adoring smile) on his face.  Which only proved to me that he was finally with his true love once again.  Like I said, they lived the ultimate love story and I hope to have the same kind of love they had with my future husband.


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