I’ve Fallen and Can’t Get Back Up


My latest depressive state has caused me to become very weary and exhausted.  I have noticed that my devotions have become less meaningful, as I am just doing them robotically now.  My prayers have also become vague and less meaningful as well.  I have come to the conclusion that I have fallen into a pit of helplessness.  I have fallen and can’t get out of this rut without the Lord.  I’ve fallen and can’t get back up.

Today, I prayed for God to come and lift me out of this bottomless pit.  To help make my prayers and life in faith meaningful to me again.  To enable me to have the energy and thoughts to devote my mind to prayer and devote my life to faith again.  I’ve prayed to God because I have fallen and just can’t get back up.  His strength and love will lift me back up and enable me to restore my faith and energy.  For through him all things are possible.  As long as we reach out to him.


Pulling Peter from the Water 2, 2/5/03, 3:58 PM,  8C, 5154x3960 (94+1628), 87%, Swindle 2,  1/20 s, R80.3, G59.2, B78.4
Pulling Peter from the Water



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