Loving Myself and Others #1


This is the first entry for my loving myself and others journal.  This is a hard concept for me, but here we go…….

Let me begin this journal by telling you one thing that I love about myself.  I thought about this post all day at work.  Unwarned fire drills, schedule changes, and no time for a bathroom break later, I figured it out.  One thing I really love about myself is my ability to just go with the flow.  I don’t get uptight if my schedule changes.  Instead, I am just like, “ahhh who cares!  We will make this work!”  I can also do about five things at once.  This go with the flow attitude and ability to do more than one thing at once is what makes me good at my job.  Believe me, special education teachers need both those skills.  So, I guess that is what I really love about myself.  I am easy going and laid back.  Life just seems more fun that way.


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