Loving Myself and Others Journal #2

Today, I decided that I needed to make some time in my schedule to spread some love to others.  I figured that loving others would maybe also help me love myself.  A teacher I work with was undergoing chemo treatments today.  I cleared some time in my schedule to go buy her some refreshments and visit with her during her treatment.  I didn’t want her to be alone.  I was scared to do this, but I ventured up to the hospital and sat with her for about an hour and a half.  We gossip and had a good chat.  Our conversation was filled with laughter and I could see appreciation on her face.  She loved having someone there with her.  As I sat and listened to her stories, I came to the conclusion that helping other people is what I do best (and it is what I enjoy the most).  I want to devote more of my time helping those who feel lonely or are undergoing issues in which they are scared, depressed, or just need a loving person there.  My goal is to now continue to spread my love to others by visiting them when they are in need, even if this means having to choke back my own fears and anxiety.


2 thoughts on “Loving Myself and Others Journal #2

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  1. I love they way you write. I ‘ll keep on reading your story to improve my English. Don’t you think this one could be another reason to love youself?
    And there is another reason that makes you a lovely person: you sound like a very sweet girl.

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