Loving Myself and Others Journal #3


Today, I worked on loving myself some more.  I took some time off writing my thesis to write my personal statement to get into a special education Ph.D program.  I set aside some time to dream.  To create for myself a new dream.  This is something I haven’t done since my father passed away.  I looked at pictures of Nashville and dreamed about being there and studying in the program I so long to be a part of.  A smile came to my face with these pictures and dreams as I thought about how there is a chance this dream could come true.

Thinking about this made me realize how important it is to still dream.  We may be in the pits of depression and grief and our dreaming may cease to exist as we feel like we can’t go one more day.  I forced myself to dream today by just looking at pictures of somewhere I want to be.  If this is all it takes to create a dream, that’s just fine.  Just dream.  After all, dreams are what life is made of.


One thought on “Loving Myself and Others Journal #3

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  1. I agree. It is so easy to forget to dream. I stopped dreaming years ago and just started going with the flow with no real purpose. About a year ago, I decided to write out my goals and dreams.it was a first step. And I am still taking small steps to get to my goal.

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