Loving Myself and Others Journal #4


Lately, I have been working on taking time out of my schedule to breathe.  In the morning, I start by taking 4 deep breaths.  As I exhale, I just exist.  I don’t think.  I clear my mind and just focus on my breath, my body, and existence.  Throughout the day, I take time to do this (particularly when I am stressed).

I have found that through grief, anxiety, and depression, we don’t take the time to breathe.  I feel like we often hold our breath as we hope to make it through.  The sense of drowning comes upon us.  We are not breathing fully.  The deep breaths I have been taking the time for have stopped the world for just a few seconds.  They allow me to clear my brain and just focus on being a human, instead of the million of depression thoughts, ideas, jobs I have to do racing endlessly through my head.  They allow me to come up for air amidst my drowning.

We need to take some time to breathe.  It can be just a few simple deep breaths in the morning, at lunch, before bed, etc.  Starting with a few deep breaths can be the start of becoming one with yourself again.  Take some time to yourself to breathe.


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