Emotional Eating


I have never been the thinnest women, but I have always cared about working out and watching what I eat. I do consider myself to be athletic.  I have always been an emotional eater.  So, whenever I am stressed to the max, or emotional, I eat..and eat….and eat.  And, of course, what I am eating when I am emotional is nothing healthy.

I have noticed that since my father passed away and being diagnosed with depression, I have been doing a lot of emotional eating.  I did take Lexapro for some time, but this caused a huge appetite increase for me and I gained a lot of weight on it.  Now, I am on different medications for anxiety and depression, but I continue to emotional eat with my stress and depression.  I just don’t take care of my body anymore and wish I would.  I want to end this disease of emotional eating because I have to deal with the grief of my parents for the rest of my life.  I can’t keep emotional eating whenever I miss them and want to talk to them about life.  I want to care about my body again and lose the weight that the Lexapro put on me.  Does anyone out there know anything about stopping emotional eating?  How do I overcome it?  How do I tell my brain that food isn’t providing me comfort.  That I don’t need to eat and my emotions are what is really telling me to eat?


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  1. OMG…I’m a stress eater and it sucks. Unfortunately, my stress and depression have led to me gaining weight. I used to joke and say that I eat to keep my mouth busy when I was pissed off….and apparently, I was angry a lot.

    1. Ugh, stress eating and depression eating is the WORST!!!!!! I have seriously put on at least 25 pounds since my father passed away at the end of March. I am up one whole size in clothing and can’t even squeeze into my “skinny” clothes. The thing is that I really don’t realize I am doing it. It’s like my brain doesn’t get that I am doing it and it is telling me that food is the solution. I just have to find a solution to stress/depression eating because I don’t want the 25 to turn into 100.

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