Another Hiatus

Hello readers!  I had yet another hiatus from blogging.  Things have been going downhill for me again.  Every time I walk into a store and see Christmas things, or hear Christmas music, I get sad.  Sad that this year I won’t be having a Christmas.  I will have no family gathering to be at.  To me, Christmas and Thanksgiving will be just another day and that makes me a little bit sad.  Sad that I don’t have my parents here to be with.  But, I guess I have to cope and get over that sadness.

I have been so exhausted lately.  All I want to do is sleep.  In fact, I slept for 14 hours on Saturday.  Yes, depression is in full force.  I will admit that I didn’t take my depression medication one day this weekend.  My sister found out about it, yelled at me, and dug it out of my purse to pretty much shove it down my throat.  I guess I am glad she did that because I know that skipping depression medications is a really bad thing to do.  But, I guess I am in the stage where I don’t see the point in taking my medication.  I will get through this stage.  I am a fighter and have to remind myself that I have been given this life for a reason.  God will not give me something I cannot overcome.  I will rely on him and ask for rest, comfort, and strength as I endure this lonely holiday season.


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  1. Keep pushing forward. You are right- you are strong and can overcome this. Those feelings are there to remind you that you know something better is out there. I’m rooting for you!

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