Arabella’s Destiny #2

I took some much needed time to write more on Arabella’s Destiny.  So, for your reading pleasure….here is #2 of Arabella’s Destiny.  Enjoy! 🙂

If you are new to this story, you can find the first entry of this story here.


After being handed a quick breakfast, Arabella was whisked off to work with her mother.  As they entered Clara’s studio, Clara’s overly annoying blonde assistant, Lucille, was quick to greet them each with their morning coffee.  “Good morning Clara and Arabella!  Lovely weather we are having isn’t it?”  Clara took a sip of her coffee and glared at Lucille as she looked her up and down, “Lucille, what is it that you are hiding from me?”  “Why do you think I am hiding something?  Just stating a fact.”  Arabella rolled her eyes and glugged her coffee as fast as she could.  She was in need of some caffeine.  Mornings just were not her thing.  “Lucille, you are beating around the bush by making small talk.  What happened while my daughter and I were gone?”  Lucille took a deep breath, “Oh….it’s nothing…really…nothing…”  “Lucille…I demand you tell me….now!”  “’s just that the Stutsman client is here right now and the designs….well…they are locked away in your vault and only-”  “I know how to get in,” Clara interrupted angrily.  “When did she arrive?”  “About 15 minutes ago.”  “15 MINUTES AGO!”  Clara glared at Arabella, “Arabella, we really DO need to work on your skills of getting out of bed in the morning!  You are 25-years-old!  I shouldn’t have to pull you out of bed!  Now, look what you did!  You made me late for a very, VERY important client meeting!”  Arabella’s mouth dropped, “But….but mother…I…I’m sorry.”  “Close your mouth before a fly gets stuck in there!  Go get to work on the designs for Saturday’s show while I go clean up this mess you got me into!  I am expecting high quality work from you today Arabella.”  “Yes, mother…of course mother.”  Clara elegantly rushed off to her office.  Arabella stood still for a moment while she processed what had just happened.  Did she just get in trouble for not getting up in the morning?  I am NOT getting up at the crack of dawn…no way.  Arabella thought.  My mother is just absolutely positively crazy!  Maybe she’s hormonal.  Arabella’s thoughts were interrupted by someone waving a hand in front of her eyes, “Yooouuuu hoooouuuu…Arabella!  Anybody home?”  It was Arabella’s assistant, the ever trusty Corinna.  “Sorry Corinna..I just think that I just got yelled at-”  “By your mother.  It’s true.  You did.  I saw it with my own two eyes.  I am so sorry.  But, we better get working as I am sure your mother is quite serious about demanding that your designs are exceptional.  Let’s head to work and I will catch you up.”  Arabella followed Corinna and nodded along as her messages were read off.  

The two finally got to Arabella’s office and Arabella sat down with a groan.  She pulled out the designs and got to work, “I can’t believe my mother just yelled at me for not getting up in the morning!”  Corinna nodded, “She must be under a lot of stress right now.”  “Pluh..ease.  My mother…..stress?  Everyone does her work for her!  Maybe she’s menopausal.”  Corinna laughed, “Could be I guess.  Or, have you ever thought that it’s because you are her daughter.  Mother’s tend to nag at their daughters.”  “I know….she nags at me a lot, but never in front of people at work like that.  She says that we are partners at work.”  “But, you made her late.”  “Then she should have woken me up earlier!”  “She has a point.  She shouldn’t have to wake you up.  You are 25.”  “Hey!  Who’s side are you on anyway?  You’re my assistant.  Not her’s.  Remember?”  Corinna laughed and shook her head, “Yes, but your mother signs my paychecks.  Now, get busy.”  Arabella nodded and got back to working on a dress design.   

Half the day went by before Arabella made it out of her office.  She found it odd that her mother had not checked in with her yet.  Clara usually stopped in every two hours.  Arabella decided that maybe she needed to check up on her mother.  She neared her mother’s office and was about to open the door when she heard her mother’s high pitched sophisticated laugh, “Oh, Ralph!  Stop!”  Arabella needed to know what was going on.  She opened the door and found a tall dark haired man holding her mother around her waist.  “MOTHER?”  Clara quickly removed the man’s arms from around her and sped after Arabella, who was leaving the office.  “ARABELLA!  STOP!  I DEMAND YOU STOP NOW!”  Arabella ran to her office with tears in her eyes.  She could only imagine what her mother was up to with that man.  And, heavens, where it would have gone had she not walked in.  “ARABELLA MAE WETTERMAN!  STOP!”  Arabella got back to her office and tried slamming the door, but Clara had stopped it.  “I want you out of my office mother!”  “Corinna, could you please give my daughter and I some privacy?”  Corinna nodded, “Yes, Mrs. Wetterman.”  She got up to leave.  “Corinna, you can stay.  Mother is leaving,”  Arabella angrily stated.  Corinna looked at Clara and shook her head, “No, I will leave and give you two some space.”  She left and closed the door behind her.  “Arabella, let me explain.”  “NO!  Mother…NO!  I don’t want to hear it.”  “What you saw…..was nothing.”  “You mean there was no man alone with you, embracing you, and staring at you like he was wanting to make out with you?  Wow…I must just be crazy!”  “Arabella….I think it’s time I tell you something.  There is a man that I am in love with.  His name is Ralph.  That was who was in my office.”  “IN LOVE WITH?”  “Don’t be so shocked!  I am a woman too.  I have needs.  I am allowed to love!”  “But, what about father?  I thought he was your only love!”  “Arabella, your father has been dead for 10 years already.  Yes, I loved him with all of my life.  But, I get lonely at night.  I need a man.  You can’t expect me to live alone for the rest of my life.  Someday, you will get married and leave me.  I love Ralph.”  “Father wouldn’t like this.  It’s like you are cheating on him!”  “Your father would want me to be happy.  And our vows that we said stated until death do we part…well, he is dead.”  Arabella shook her head, “Why didn’t I know about him?”  “I was scared on how you would react.  You reacted just like I thought you would.”  Arabella rolled her eyes.  She was furious.  There was a soft knock on the door and the man poked his head in, “Clara, dear, I thought you could maybe…..use my help.”  Clara got a smile on her face and nodded sweetly, “Yes, Ralph, dear, please come in and meet my daughter, Arabella.”  Ralph came into the office and extended his hand to Arabella, “Arabella, it’s so nice to meet you.  Your mother talks about you so much.  You are as beautiful as she is!”  Arabella didn’t extend her hand to Ralph.  “Arabella!  Mind your manners!”  “Not now mother!  I refuse to get to know him.”  Ralph dropped his hand and nodded, “I understand Arabella.  You have a father and I am sure you miss him.  Seeing your mother with another man must be very disturbing.”  Arabella rolled her eyes again and crossed her arms.  “You don’t have to accept me Arabella, but there is something that your mother and I should probably tell you.”  Clara looked at Ralph, “Ralph….I don’t know if we should let her know yet.”  “No better time than now, dear.”  Ralph went over to Clara and took her left hand in his.  He took out a large box and removed a huge diamond ring from it.  He looked at Clara as he slid the ring over her left hand ring finger, “You see…..Arabella…..I have asked your mother to marry me and she has already said yes.”  The gigantic and dazzling diamond ring rested on Clara’s finger as she beamed down at it.  Ralph kissed Clara’s hand and then held it.  He turned to Arabella, “We are planning on announcing our engagement to each other at Saturday’s fashion show.”  Arabella wanted to faint.  She couldn’t believe this was happening.  She stood up and glared at Clara, “Is this true mother?”  “Yes, Arabella, darling, it is.  Ralph and I are going to get married to each other.  He is going to be your new stepfather.”  Arabella got furious, “NO!  HE WILL NEVER BE A FATHER TO ME!  I DON’T EVEN KNOW HIM!  YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW HIM!”  “Yes, I do Arabella.”  “NO.  NO, YOU DON’T!”  “I do.  I want to marry him.  I will marry him and you have no say about this.  You are my daughter.  You have no say about how I live my life.  I will be happy again.  Your father left me with only you.  I need a man to love me Arabella.”  “HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN SEEING HIM?”   Clara looked down at the ground, “Three years.”  That did it.  Arabella stormed out of her office, slammed the door behind her, and ran out of the studio vowing never to return.    


***To continue reading this story, you can find part 3 here.


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