Let’s Celebrate

celebrate.png (444×407)

Tonight, I finished and submitted my last chapter of my thesis!  Therefore, only a few more weeks and I will be done with my masters degree in special education!  I know I should be proud of this accomplishment, so I am trying to get to where I am proud of it.

Update on the emotional eating progress.  Staying away from sugar is horribly hard.  I never knew sugar could be such an addiction during depression.  I crave it probably just like a smoker who craves a smoke.  I just keep telling myself to stay with it for a few more days.  Soon, the cravings will go away.

I am really enjoying writing on Arabella’s Destiny.  This has become a stress outlet for me this week.  I am working on editing my third entry to it, so be expecting that by the end of this week.





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