Lack of Emotions


Now that things have slowed down a little in my personal and work life, I have noticed that when I am placed under normal situations I lack emotions.  I only get emotions when things really build up.  For instance, two of the students on my caseload are moving unexpectedly on Wednesday.  These two were my favorite and they have made such great gains.  Also, where they are going may not be the best for them.  Under normal situations, I would be crying myself to sleep about this.  Second, my sister has been having health issues for some time.  I just got a call from her saying that she may, or may not, be pregnant.  There could be a slight chance that she is.  And there could be a huge chance that she isn’t.  Under normal situations, I would be ecstatic about this and jumping up and down because I will finally be an auntie and will love the kiddo so freaking much.  But….I’m not.

You might be asking why I am having the lack of emotions.  Answer: my depression and anxiety medication.  I feel as if I have a barrier now and that barrier is only let down when things get WAY too over the top and overwhelming.  I feel like I am a zombie and wish I could have the “old” me back so that I could experience joy about the sister news and sadness over my students leaving.  But, I still have to take the depression medicine.  So, I guess I will have to be this emotionless zombie for some time.


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  1. May I ask what you’re taking? I’m on Prozac and Buspar. I don’t know that they make me emotionless and zombie like. It’s hard to say because I survived my childhood by numbing so it’s my go to coping mechanism.

      1. Awesome. I’m seeing the doctor Saturday to switch my meds. Unfortunately mine stopped working. I was managing my anxiety with exercise but then I had surgery 😦

  2. My medication did that for a while, be careful with that. It got me into trouble because I was a total bitch haha. Since I didn’t care. I felt only things like anger and sadness which is the opposite of what the medicine was supposed to do but hey. It eventually settled to a more…I can deal with deal this type of thing, rather then….I don’t care. It was really frustrating though because I would get wrath type of anger and then bouts of crying spells but in normal life, i was like meh. Something heavy just fell on my toe…ok. Like it would have to build up but once it did….haha. Just be careful and ride it on for a little longer. I would venture to say most antidepressants have a “ride it out” period. They never work exactly like they’re supposed to right away.

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