Arabella’s Destiny #4

If you are a new reader, the first entry of this story can be found here.


Arabella was hauled off to the police station as she continued crying and police searched the scene for Clara.  She was taken to an office and sat down.  A detective came in and handed Arabella a bottle of water, “You must be Arabella Wetterman.  I am Kevin Geraldson.  I’ll be the detective working on this case.  Can you tell me your relations to the woman who has gone missing?”  “Mother…..she is my mother…..Clara Wetterman.”  “Ahhh the fashion designer, no?”  Arabella nodded, “Yes, that’s her.”  “What was occurring when your mother went missing?”  “She….she was….she was chasing me.”  “Excuse me?”  “We had an argument.  A bad argument.  I ran away.  She was chasing me down to do what she does best.”  “What is that?”  “Yell at me and tell me to be more of a lady.”  Kevin nodded, “And what was this argument about?”  “She’s getting married again and I don’t approve.”  “I see.”  Kevin stared at Arabella.  “WHAT?  My mother is missing and could be dead!  Shouldn’t you be out there looking for her or something?”  “You see….Arabella….your story there…..of the argument.  It could sound like you were the one who did this to your mother.  And after all… do have her blood on your shirt.”  Arabella stood up in rage, “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  SHE IS MY MOTHER!  WHY WOULD I HURT HER?  I COULD NEVER HURT HER!  SHE IS MY MOTHER!  I LOVE HER!”  “Well, I don’t know.  Why would you hurt her?  Hmmmm she was getting married again…giving you a new stepfather.  Maybe you were angry about that?  Wanted to kill her off so that you didn’t have a new stepfather and still inherited the Wetterman clothing line?”  “I would never do such a thing!  Her blood is on my shirt because I tried cleaning her head wound!  Then I ran for help!  When I came back, she was gone.  I would never harm my mother!”  “Alright….alright….Let’s just hope that your attorney can do good at backing you because right now, you look like the only suspect.”  “THIS IS RIDICULOUS!  I DID NOT MURDER MY MOTHER! And…if I did…why would I hide her body?”  “Hiding the evidence.  If she is never found, you are never guilty.”  “I don’t have to talk to you about this!  I just want to find my mother before something else happens to her!”  Arabella tried storming for the doors, but Kevin stopped her by catching her arm.  “Let go of me!”  “Arabella, calm down.  Sit down and let’s talk about other possible suspects.  The more suspects we have, the closer we will get to finding your mother.  Please…sit down.”  “Fine!”  Arabella snapped and went to sit down.  “Now, who else is your mother close to?”  “Well, she is marrying a man named Ralph.”  “Ralph…I see…that helps a lot…there a lot of Ralphs out there.  Do you possibly have a last name?”  “No…I don’t.”  “You don’t know the last name of the Ralph your mother was dating?”  “Look here mister, I didn’t find out about the relationship until this morning!  His last name is the last thing I wanted to know!”  “Okay..okay…gee…calm down.”  “CALM DOWN?  MY MOTHER IS MISSING AND COULD BE DEAD!  I’LL SHOW YOU CALM DOWN!”  Arabella said as she stood up and raised her fist.  “Hey…hey…I’m just being sarcastic.  Sit down.”  “Only if you shut your sarcastic ass up!”  “Feisty….”  Kevin mumbled.  Arabella sat back down.  “So Ralph…..okay….anyone else?”  “Just people at work.  There is her secretary, Lucille Hall….and her head of advertising, Gerald Butterman.”  “Butterman……what an unfortunate last name.”  “You are impossible!”  “Some might say that…anyone else?”  “That is mainly who my mother talks to every day.”  “Is there an ex-husband in the picture?”  “No.”  “Your father isn’t around?  Someone that would be jealous that your mother is marrying again?”  “My father passed away when I was younger.”  “Oh….I’m sorry.”  “Thank you.  As for someone being jealous of her marrying again, I don’t think so.  They haven’t formally announced their engagement yet.  That was supposed to happen this Saturday at the fashion show.  As far as I know, I was the only one who knew about the engagement.”  “I see.”  “Alright, no one else?”  “No…not that I am aware of.”  “Did your mother ever speak about people following her?”  “Like being stalked?”  “Yes.”  “My mother being stalked…please.  If she were being stalked, she would have put fear in her stalker.  She’s sort of a demanding woman who gets whatever she wants and knows how to make people give her exactly what she wants.  She tells it like it is.”  “So…she may have had someone at work on her bad side?”  “I suppose….but most people just work to please her because they are grateful to work for her.”  “I see….alright…anything else?”  “No…not that I can think of.”  “Alright, I will get back out there and see where the police are in the search.  I will also contact these people.”  Kevin got back up, “Hang here for one second.”  Kevin left.  He came back awhile later with a man.  “Arabella Wetterman, meet Lucas Piermont.  He will be your bodyguard until your mother is back safe and sound.  He will be with you at all times and if anyone asks you about him, he is your boyfriend who is training to work in your mother’s advertising department.”  Arabella stood up in rage, “EXCUSE ME!!!!!! I DO NOT NEED A BODYGUARD!  I AM PERFECTLY CAPABLE OF TAKING CARE OF MYSELF!”  Kevin got angry and in Arabella’s face, “Listen here Arabella.  Right now, anyone even remotely related to Clara Wetterman is not safe.  Particularly, if you are her daughter!  Whoever did this to your mother is not going to stop at just her.  They made an appoint for you to see her and then took her.  They aren’t after just her.  They could be after everything that she owns.  Nothing attached to Clara’s name is safe right now, especially you.  You will have a bodyguard and you will not question anything that we tell you to do during this investigation.  Do you understand?”  “What if I don’t?”  “This is a matter of life and death for you and your mother.  Are you really go to risk her life, and possibly yours?  If you want your mother alive, you have to do what we say.”  “Ugh, fine!”  Kevin got a smug grin on his face, “Perfect!  Lucas, will you escort Arabella back to her house and make sure she stays there for the night?  If we find any details, we will get in contact with you at the house.”  Lucas nodded, “Let’s go Arabella.”  He held out his hand and Arabella glared at him.  Kevin coughed and Arabella switched her glare to him, “I will go with him, but I will NOT hold his hand!”  “Fine…but there may be times where you have to kiss him.”  “EXCUSE ME?”  Kevin giggled, “Arabella, it is crucial that you play the part of his girlfriend….for your mother’s sake.”  Arabella shook her head, “FINE!”  She grabbed Lucas’ hand, “Let’s go….loverboy.”  She drug Lucas out the door behind her enraged at Kevin’s laughter.   

If you like this story and would like to continue reading, you can find part 5 here.


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